Conical Fittings with a 6% Luer Taper Multipurpose Tester

Product Description

Product Name: ZD1962-T   Conical Fittings with  a 6%  Luer Taper Multipurpose Tester


The tester is based on PLC controls and adopts a 5.7 inch color touch screen to show menus, operators can use touch keys to choose nomical capacity of syringe or nominal outside diameter of needle as per product specification . Axial force , torque, hold time, hydraulic pressure and sparation force can be displayed during the test, the tester can test liquid leakage, air leakage, separation force, unscrewing torque, ease of assembly, resistance to overriding and stress cracking of conical (lock) fitting with a 6% (luer) taper for syringes, needles and certain other medical equipment, such as infusion set , transfusion sets, infusion needles, tubes, filters for anesthescia, etc. the built - in printer can print the test report.

Axial force20N~40Nerrorswithin ±0.2% of reading
Hydraulic pressure300kpa~330kpaerrorswithin ±0.2% of reading
Torque0.02N.m ~0.16N.merrorswithin ±2.5% 


Category: Medical Products Physical Testing Equipment

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